Double Zero Aluminum Foil Coil For Tape Foil

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Aluminum foil can be divided into thick foil, single zero foil and double zero foil according to the thickness difference.

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Double zero foil: The so-called double zero foil is a foil with two zeros after the decimal point when its thickness is measured in mm, usually an aluminum foil with a thickness of less than 0.0075mm.

Because of its excellent characteristics, aluminum foil is widely used in packaging materials for food, beverages, cigarettes, medicines, photographic plates, household daily necessities,etc; electrolytic capacitor materials; thermal insulation materials for buildings, vehicles, ships, houses, etc; Silver thread, wallpaper and decoration trademarks of various stationery prints and light industrial products, etc.With the continuous increase in the application field and demand of aluminum foil, the domestic aluminum foil industry continues to develop, especially the aluminum foil industry for flexible packaging is developing rapidly. In addition to the use of high-quality double-zero aluminum foil in electrolytic capacitors, more than 90% of the aluminum foil for packaging is double-zero aluminum foil.Aluminum foil has good shading properties, its reflectivity can be as high as 95%, and its appearance is silver-white metallic luster. It can show good packaging and decoration effect through surface printing decoration, so aluminum foil is also a high-grade packaging material.

This kind of aluminum foil can be said to be the closest one to our daily life. We can all see the use of cigarette foil in cigarette boxes. Especially in China, the domestic demand and export volume of cigarettes are large, so the cost of cigarette packaging foil is also very large. Generally speaking, 70% of cigarette foils are rolled aluminum foils, and the other 31% are sprayed foils. At present, the cigarette foils produced by several domestic companies can reach the world-class level, but in general, the average quality is still far from the world level.

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