A105 steel tube material

A105 is the American ASTM standard number, and A represents ordinary carbon structural steel.
Standard name: carbon steel forgings for pipe components. Because only one carbon steel forging is specified in this standard, A105 is even a carbon steel grade of forging. A105 is also a material code, which belongs to special steel and is a cold forged steel. A105 is a low carbon steel forging, similar to 20 steel. There are two standards, one is the American standard ASTM A105/A105M Carbon Steel Forgings for Piping Components, and the other is the Chinese standard GB/T12228-2006 Technical Conditions for Carbon Steel Forgings for General Purpose Valves.
Composition C: ≤ 0.35 Si: ≤ 0.35 Mn: 0.6-1.05 S: ≤ 0.050 P: ≤ 0.040, Cu ≤ 0.4 Ni ≤ 0.4 Mo ≤ 0.12 V ≤ 0.08 Cr ≤ 0.3
The mechanical properties are between No. 20 forged steel and 16Mn forged steel.
Mechanical property (Mpa)
Tensile strength:( σ b)≥485Mpa
Yield strength( σ s)≥250Mpa
Post elongation( δ) ≥22%
Reduction of area( ψ) ≥30%
Hardness ≤ HB187

Post time: Oct-10-2022