What is called color coated steel plate color coated steel can be divided into several categories

There are many kinds of exterior wall cladding panels on the market, and color-coated steel sheets are one of them, with features such as novel surface colors and corrosion resistance. Many people don’t know much about color coated steel. So what is color coated steel ? What kind of color coating can be divided into? Let’s take a look together!

What is called color coated steel plate :

The color coated steel plate is made of galvanized steel plate or cold rolled steel plate as the substrate, and the surface is coated with various decorative layers from the inside to the outside, and is divided into cold rolled plate, galvanized layer, chemical conversion layer and the like. The surface of the sheet is not only fresh in color but also strong in adhesion, and it is also capable of processing, such as cutting, bending, and drilling.

Color coated steel can be divided into several categories :

1, coating steel plate

The coated steel plate uses galvanized steel as the base material and is painted on both the front and back surfaces, so it has excellent corrosion resistance. Usually the first layer is a primer, most use epoxy primer, and the metal can have a strong adhesion, the second layer is the surface layer, usually with polyester paint or acrylic resin coating.

2, PVC steel plate

PVC steel sheet is thermoplastic, the surface can not only be hot-processed (such as embossing to make the surface more rich texture), but also has a very good flexibility (can be bending process), while its anti-corrosion properties are also good. There are two kinds of PVC steel sheets in the market, namely PVC coated steel sheet and PVC steel sheet. Although the PVC steel plate is a very good material, its disadvantage is that the surface layer is prone to ageing. Therefore, after continuous technical innovation, a PVC steel plate with a composite acrylic resin added to the PVC surface has appeared on the market, which has a longer service life.

3, insulation coating steel plate

The heat-insulation coating steel plate is made by attaching 15 to 17 mm thick polystyrene foam, rigid polyurethane foam and other materials on the back of the color-coated steel plate, which can provide good heat insulation and sound insulation effects.
4, high durability coated steel plate

Since fluoroplastics and acrylic resins have anti-aging properties, they are added to the surface layer of the coated steel sheet so that the coated steel sheet is more durable and corrosion-resistant.

Conclusion: so the is to introduce what is called color coated steel and color coated steel can be divided into several categories related content, hoping to bring help a friend in need. In the later period, it is necessary to pay attention to the necessity of the color coated steel plate. Otherwise, it will not only cause unnecessary waste, but also may not reach the use requirements. If you need to learn more about the later stage, please pay attention to the information on this site.

Post time: Aug-29-2022