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The 8000 series is Other alloys, includes 8011, 8090, 8091 and 8093. 8000 series aluminum sheet belongs to other series.

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Alloy Aluminum Plate Sheet

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8000 series aluminum sheet, the more commonly used 8011 aluminum sheet, belongs to other series. It is an aluminum plate with the main function of making bottle caps, and is also used in radiators, most of which are used as aluminum foil. It is a less commonly used series in business.

The density of lithium is significantly lower than that of aluminum, because its solubility is also relatively high, in sufficient amounts of aluminum alloys (usually around 10%, less than other aluminum alloys). Not only does the alloy increase its stiffness, but it also responds to age hardening. Furthermore, at moderate stress levels, the resistance to fatigue crack growth increases. This attractive combination of properties is of great interest, especially for aerospace applications. These alloys have a high volume fraction of agglomerated, ordered LiAl 3 precipitates, which are responsible for these properties. Silicon strength: eg 8011 alloy is based on Al-Fe-Si, but more than 1% total alloying elements give correspondingly higher strengths.

8090 aluminum alloy is a lithium-based wrought alloy. Adding lithium to aluminum helps reduce density and increase stiffness. When alloyed properly, aluminum-lithium alloys can have an excellent combination of strength and toughness.

8011 aluminum alloy is a common aluminum foil alloy with iron and silicon as the main alloying elements. Because of its good deep-drawing performance and low ear rate, it has been widely used in the sealing packaging of cosmetic bottles, beverage bottles, and air-conditioning aluminum foil. The twin-roll continuous casting belt is the original blank of aluminum foil, and its microstructure and properties have a genetic effect on the finished foil. Therefore, improving the microstructure and properties of the twin-roll continuous casting strip has practical significance for the subsequent production of aluminum foil.

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